Breakthrough Study Reveals a New Monogenic Form of Diabetes in India

A breakthrough study on Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY) was published in ‘BMC Medical Genetics’ journal by Dr. V. Mohan and Dr. RadhaVenkatesan from Madras Diabetes Research Foundation (MDRF), Chennai, in collaboration with Dr. Andrew S. Peterson, Dr. Somasekar Seshagiri and Dr. Thong T. Nguyen from Genentech, California, and Dr. Ramprasad and Sam Santhosh at MedGenome, India.

The usual forms of diabetes are type 2 Diabetes, (which comprises 90 - 95% of all forms of diabetes) and type 1 diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes normally affects adults, and does not require insulin for control of hyperglycemia except in the more advanced stages. Type 1 diabetes, usually affects children and in this type of diabetes there is complete insulin deficiency and hence they require lifelong insulin injections, several times a day. However, there are many other forms of diabetes which are increasingly being recognized nowadays.

There is a genetic form of diabetes due to a single gene defect and hence these are called as ‘Monogenic Diabetes’. The commonest form of monogenic diabetes is ”Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY)” which like type 1 Diabetes also affects young people or children. Patients with MODY are usually lean and because of their young age, they are often wrongly labeled as having type 1 diabetes and advised to have lifelong insulin injections. MODY can only be diagnosed by doing ‘genetic testing’. Further, it is now known that there are 14 different forms of MODY, each with its own unique clinical characteristics. While there have been a few scattered studies on different forms of MODY in India, this was the most comprehensive and largest study of all forms of MODY done in India.

GNH India Clears Oman Pharmacy and Poison Board Audit
GNH India, a global source for priority pharmaceuticals has cleared an audit conducted by the Muscat Pharmacy and Poisons board to export pharmaceuticals and priority medications into the Gulf state of Oman. This milestone is yet another in GNH – India’s march towards becoming the premier global distributor for priority pharmaceuticals and medications. Earlier GNH India had cleared and audits to trade orphan drugs with the UK and had become the first Indian company to clear the Kenyan Pharmacy and Poisons Board audit as well. It has also become the first pharma distributor to clear the Muscat Pharmacy and Poisons Board audit, which functions under Oman health ministry.

In 2010, India ranked fifth largest source of imports into Oman after the UAE, Japan, United States and China. The audit will not only give preferential status to GNH India in the Oman trade market over other suppliers from countries including USA and EU but will also lead the company to become a key player in contributing towards the growth of Indian’s pharma export share to Oman which in 2016 stands at 39.07%.

On January 25th, two delegates from Oman Health Ministry visited GNH India’s warehouse in Prabhadevi, Mumbai to audit the company and to inspect its GDP standard. After receiving a positive response from the auditors, GNH India immediately lined up the export of scheduled drugs to Oman and is looking to establish long lasting business relations with the country. GNH India has been trading with Oman for past eight years, leading as largest pharma suppliers to the market for life-saving and orphan drugs.

Brinton Pharmaceuticals wins Three Accolades at Pharma Excellence Award 2018
Brinton Pharmaceuticals, India’s fastest growing multinational pharmaceuticals company, won three accolades at Pharma Excellence Awards 2018, reinforcing its fast pacing growth in the Pharma Industry. Brinton Pharmaceuticals was awarded as the ‘Most Admired Pharma Company’ and was also adjudged as ‘The Emerging Pharma company of the Year’. Also, Mr. Rahul Darda, Chairman & Managing Director was awarded as ‘Business Leader’ of the Year’.

Brinton Pharmaceuticals Ltd started its India operations in September 2014 and within a year of its inception became the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in the domain of Dermatology in India. Brinton Paediatric division markets products ranging from paediatric nutrition, respiratory and other therapy areas and are already available in the market. Brinton is currently pursuing a strong R & D to bring more innovative products like paediatric nutrition, probiotics, Juvenile diabetes, paediatric cardiology and many more.

Indian Pharmacological Society Concludes Golden Jubilee Celebrations at Annual Conference IPSCON 2017
Golden Jubilee Concluding Celebrations of Indian Pharmacological Society and Annual Conference of Indian Pharmacological Society (IPSCON - 2017) was organised in collaboration with NMIMS ShobhabenPratapbhai Patel School of Pharmacy & Technology Management (SPPSPTM), in Mumbai on 15-17 February, 2018. The theme of the conference was “Integrating Pharmacology with Modern Healthcare". The three-day conference was enriched with various scientific sessions that extensively covered vital current issues.

Chief Guest of the ceremony Padmashri Dr. Shashank Joshi, Endocrinologist stressed that modern research should be integrated with traditional system of medicine. While lauding the efforts of Japanese, Chinese and Korean researchers, Dr Joshi directed a question to the audience asking “why can't we (Indians) have largest research output?”

Dr. Joshi made a special mention of NMIMS while congratulating the University on winning two global patents. He also appreciated the organisers as the conference saw large number of participants in his keynote address.

Chairman of IPSCON 2017 Local Organizing Committee, Dr. R. S. Gaud, Director, NMIMS Mukesh Patel Technology Park, Shirpur& SVKM’s Pharma Institutions, while welcoming the delegates and dignitaries, presented an overview of NMIMS as an educational institution. He stressed on the need for introduction of more paramedical courses and more jobs in pharmacovigilance.

Mylan Launches Saugella in India
Mylan Pharmaceuticals Private Limited announced the launch of SAUGELLA Dermoliquido, suitable for use for daily intimate hygiene use, and SAUGELLA Attiva, designed for expecting mothers, new mothers, women athletes, and for protection from infection during menstruation.

India's first ‘natural’ feminine intimate hygiene product, SAUGELLA intimate hygiene wash is pH-balanced, 100% free of preservatives used in cosmetic/pharmaceutical products[ii], and is tested by gynecologists[ii].SAUGELLA is based on natural plants extracts with pharmacological properties. It is a mild, water-based solution that addresses the intimate personal care needs of women while ensuring safety and respecting the physiological vaginal environment for all ages.

SAUGELLA contains natural plant extracts, which have proven antifungal and antibacterial action that allow it to gently deodorize the area of application and provide a balanced solution that caters to every skin type. This gentle formula is designed to maintain hygiene, comfort and intimate balance, while preventing skin irritation and making women less susceptible to infections caused by natural changes in vaginal pH.

Roche Pharma India Partners with Cipla
Roche Pharma India and Cipla announced that the two companies have entered into an agreement under which Cipla will promote and distribute tocilizumab (Actemra) and Syndyma, the 2nd brand of Roche’s cancer therapy, bevacizumab (Avastin) in India. This partnership is in line with Roche and Cipla’s efforts to improve healthcare and increase access to innovative, life-changing medicines in India, particularly to patients who currently do not have access to them.

Lara Bezerra, Managing Director – Roche Pharma India said: “At Roche, improving access to the critical medicines that patients need is an integral part of what we do. We believe that everyone who needs our medicines should be able to access and benefit from them. This partnership will significantly advance our efforts to expand the reach of, and improve access to, our innovative medicines. This will also enable us at Roche to focus on bringing new, transformative medicines to patients in India. As Roche, we will continue to collaborate with various stakeholders to help transform healthcare in India.”

WHO Approves Cholera Vaccine from ShanthaBiotechnics
Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of Sanofi, is proud to announce that its affiliate ShanthaBiotechnics has received approval from the World Health Organisation (WHO) for Shanchol, its oral cholera vaccine, that the vaccine may be kept for single period of time of up to 14 days at temperature of up to 40°C immediately prior to administration, provided the vaccine has not reached its expiry date and vaccine vial monitor has not reached discard point. The approval is of great significance to regions where the vaccine is used, including India, as it eliminates the challenges of maintaining the vaccine cold chain (between +2°C and +8°C to maintain vaccine potency) during transport.

The WHO approval for use of Shanchol in controlled temperature chain (CTC) was granted after a review of its stability data. Used for prevention and control of cholera in outbreak, endemic settings during humanitarian crises, ShanthaBiotechnics’ Shanchol™ cholera vaccine is the second “mass campaign” vaccine and first cholera vaccine worldwide to receive such a stamp of approval for storage and distribution outside the traditional cold chain.

Since WHO pre-qualification in 2011, 12 million doses of Shanchol vaccine have been shipped to 25 countries across the world, including Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, Mozambique and South Sudan. The largest ever shipment ofShanchol vaccine took place in September 2017 when ShanthaBiotechnics responded to an urgent call for humanitarian help from international agencies and sent 900,000 doses to Nigeria to respond to a cholera epidemic in the country.