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2018 China International Pharma 4.0 Summit Successfully Ended At the Longemont Shanghaion May 18th

During May 17-18, 2018, 2018 China International Pharma 4.0 Summit held by Borscon Group was ceremoniously convened in The Longemont Shanghai. This summit was strongly supported by important institutions at home and abroad such as Ministry of industry and information technology, China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association, ISPE member unit -Lachman Consultants, Fraunhofer IPK Research Institute, China Pharmaceutical City, Optics Valley Bio City, etc. and related leaders.

The splendor of the occasion surpassed anything heretofore seen, the world's top pharmaceutical companies and world-renowned smart pharmaceutical solutions providers gathered in Shanghai, to create a high-end technology and information exchange feast for the pharmaceutical industry.

Mr. Wu Haidong, deputy director of the consumer products division of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Mr. Pan Guangcheng, executive chairman of China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association came to the meeting, taking a deep interpretation of the nineteen largest party of the party and the strategic planning of manufacturing in China for the high quality development of the pharmaceutical industry in 2025; the summit also successfully invited the experts and scholars of Pfizer, GSK, Yang Sen, Sanofi, and Tian Shi Li, separately taking a discussion of multi angle and deep level for the application and development of advanced pharmaceutical technology such as continuous manufacturing, PCMM system, innovation driven, virtualization, modularization, informatization and digitalization and so on, as well as the intelligent upgrading and transformation of Chinese traditional medicine. In addition, many top smart technology suppliers such as Cheng Yi Tong, CHIEFTAIN, SIEMENS, Swisslog, Rockwell Automation and so on brought solutions of Landing and realizing the customization, efficiency, flexibility and precision of pharmaceutical 4.0 and actual cases. The thematic sharing that unusually brilliant -- with high lights of the above made the 153 representatives present have receive a great deal of outstanding especially 80 executives, directors and managers from the pharmaceutical development, manufacturing, and quality control departments of the pharmaceutical factory. In addition to the topic speech in the field, the site was also integrated into a variety of communication links such as round table discussion, tea break and outdoor display and so on, for providing the possibility of more opportunities for cooperation for the participants.

With the help of the big background of China's manufacture of 2025, combined with the German industry 4.0 and the advanced manufacturing in the United States , based on the actual situation of the development of Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises, it aims to build the best communication platform for industrial upgrading, and promote international exchange and cooperation in China's pharmaceutical industry.