ExeGi Pharma Launches Visbiome Vet

ExeGi Pharma LLC, a biotechnology company, has launched Visbiome Vet, a new high potency probiotic for use in companion dogs to help support normal inflammatory responses in the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) and to help normalize gut health.

The formulation in Visbiome Vet contains an eight-strain proprietary probiotic blend that has recently been studied in several canine GI disorders, with two clinical trials published in the last 12 months. Visbiome Vet is the identical formulation to Visbiome, a human medical food that has been the subject of over 60 clinical trials.

Visbiome Vet contains 112.5 billion live bacteria per dosage, a potency that far exceeds other conventional veterinary probiotics. The product, only available to veterinarians and veterinary pharmacies, is packaged conveniently for veterinary applications. Visbiome Vet is shipped and stored only under refrigerated conditions to ensure maximum product potency.