Connection between Talent Acquisition and Business Strategy

- Satish Varma, Managing Director, Fermenta Biotech Limited

Optimal Talent Management During Mergers & Acquisitions

- Kamalika Mitra, Project Leader, Tata Strategic Management Group

Performance Management and Talent Development Vital for India’s Pharma Growth Story

- Annadevara Venkatesh, Account Director, UL EduNeering

Risk Mitigation for Leachables and Extractables in a Modern GMP Environment

- Diane Paskiet, Director - Scientific Affairs, West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc

Vision Ensuring Quality in Pharmaceuticals Production

- Didier Lacroix, Vice President, International Sales & Marketing, Cognex Corporation

Technology Transfer and Issuance of Access to Medicines

- Vivek Dave, Department of Pharmacy, Banasthali University
- Kriti Kushwaha, Department of Pharmacy, Banasthali University
- Sachdev Yadav, Department of Pharmacy, Banasthali University
- Swapnil Sharma, Department of Pharmacy, Banasthali University

Role of IPR in Forming Legal Strategies for Pharma Industry

Ravi Bhola, Partner, K&S Partners, Bengaluru

Intellectual Property Rights and Access to Affordable Medicines

Dr Subir K Basak, President, Drug Discovery Services Jubilant Life Sciences

Valuation of Intellectual Property in Pharmaceutical

Dr B V Shivakumar, Chief Scientific Officer Enaltec Labs

Clinical Research of Rare Diseases - Focus on Operational Challenges

Vaibhav Pawar, Project Manager - Clinical Operations SIRO Clinpharm

Simplifying Patients’ Lives

Dr Johannes Rauschnabel, Chief Pharma Expert Bosch Packaging Technology

Orphan Drugs: A New Opportunity for Pharmaceutical Industry

Pankaj Mandpe, Associate Vice President-R&D
Deeptymaya Sahu, Assistant Manager IPR
Mitali Bhagwat, Trainee, IPR
from Micro Labs Limited.

Need for Innovation in the Global Pharma Industry

Dr E Saneesh,
Research Analyst, Business & Financial Services – Healthcare Frost & Sullivan

Trials and Tribulations

Strategies for Indian Pharma in a Volatile World

Manish Panchal
Practice Head, TATA Strategic Management Group.

India to Witness Growth in Retail Chain Pharmacy

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Mahesh Kallayil

Another 483? Again?!

Compiled By:
Ananya Sen

Thalidomide Tragedy Revisited

Compiled By:
Ananya Sen

The Fall of the Rupee and its Impact on Pharma

Dr Saneesh Edacherian
Research Analyst, Business & Financial Services, Healthcare Frost & Sullivan

CCS Outsourcing to Grow in India

Sarabjeet Singh Sharad
Senior Research Analyst Beroe Consulting (I) Pvt Ltd

The ‘Whole’ Sale Story

Compiled by:
Mahesh Kallayil