GNA Biosolutions to Introduce Pharos V8 for In Vitro Research Use

GNA Biosolutions GmbH, a molecular technology company based in Martinsried, Germany, announced the launch of Pharos V8, the world's first Laser PCR platform. Pharos V8, an ultrafast PCR instrument for in vitro research use, will be showcased at the Medica Trade Fair from November 13-16.

The patented technology behind the Pharos V8 platform is Laser PCR. Laser PCR operates on the same principles as conventional nucleic acid amplification with PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction). However, Laser PCR uses nanomaterials to control temperature cycles at the nano scale, accelerating PCR reaction times by a factor of ten and opening the door for applications in multiple time-sensitive settings.

The Pharos V8 is the company's first platform to come on the market, with additional product launches planned over the next two years.