Daiichi Sankyo, Puma Biotech Sign Research Pact with MSK Cancer Centre

Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited and Puma Biotechnology have announced a preclinical research collaboration with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) to explore the combination of Daiichi Sankyo's investigational antibody drug conjugate DS- 8201 and Puma Biotechnology's irreversible pan -HER tyrosine kinase inhibitor neratinib (NERLYNX) in HER2-mutated or HER2 -positive solid tumours.

A team of scientists led by Maurizio Scaltriti, PhD, and in collaboration with a team of clinical investigators led by Bob Li, MD, will use isogenic models and established patient-derived xenograft models to assess the susceptibility of HER2-mutated or HER2-positive cancers to DS-8201, neratinib and other HER2-targeting therapies, elucidate mechanisms of action and resistance of these various tumour types, and evaluate the potential for synergistic combinations. Daiichi Sankyo and Puma Biotechnology will co -sponsor the research.

"Since early clinical data suggest that DS-8201 may have activity beyond breast and gastric cancers, the archetype HER2-driven tumors, we are interested in studying this asset on a molecular level as well as in combination with other HER2- targeting agents," said Tom Held, vice president, Global Head, Antibody Drug Conjugate Task Force, Daiichi Sankyo. "In this collaboration, we are examining whether combining DS-8201 and neratinib, with its specific covalent binding to the HER2 receptor and associated increased internalization, is a rational combination therapy strategy to pursue. We are excited to join forces with Memorial Sloan Kettering and Puma to advance the understanding of combining HER2-targeted therapies to potentially treat various forms of HER2-mutated cancer."